Printer Maintenance Agreement

Printer Maintenance Agreement

Enroll your existing inkjet or LaserJet to Upgrade Printer Maintenance Agreement Program and experience upgrade benefits:

Upgrades specializes in helping small to medium size businesses with expert advice, printing products and services that improve more than just your productivity. We help you eliminate office printing distractions and avoidable expenses to help you grow.


  • Pay only the consumption
  • Less 2% automatic spoilage
  • After 30 days billing / plus 7 days term (total: 37 days)
  • Only 0.75 per page (regardless of print coverage)
  • Upgrade will provide enough cartridge inventory based on each department usage
  • Upgrade will provide quarterly insights of per department usage
  • Consolidated billing for multiple printers


  • Free delivery
  • Free on call service
  • Free printer repair and maintenance
  • Free parts replacement
  • Free service unit during repair
  • Within the day delivery commitment

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